Provide construction planning, design and management services to local clients for the improvement of public infrastructure, and  quality of life. 



JPA Consolidated, Inc. was founded by three partners, to pursue all work related to improve quality of life, and standard of living , through the use of public and private funds, to deliver design and construction projects.  The company was forged on the foundation of revitalization, community development and improvement of all types of infrastructure for public use.  The Principals  have spent their formative years, and currently maintain residences in Suffolk County, New York, and have a vested interest in providing quality service back to the communities across the island.  They have served in both private and public design and construction programs and projects, with a combined experience totaling over 40 years.  Each partner possesses expertise in fields of design and construction that includes, planning, design, civil and structural, architectural, building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, and landscape architecture.  Together, the firm can serve to deliver any size construction project as Program or Project management oversight, bringing all fields of expertise, to the table.  Their combined experience, includes delivery of major residential energy improvement programs, storm and housing recovery including single family home elevation, and building, intermodal, transit and airport design and construction.  It is the firm’s intent, to improve the neighborhoods and communities we live in, for our current and future generations.